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Relaxation Phenomena in GaN/ AlN/ 6H-SiC Heterostructures

  • N.V. Edwards (a1) (a2), A.D. Batchelor (a3), I.A. Buyanova (a1), L.D. Madsen (a1), M.D. Bremser (a4) (a5), R.F. Davis (a4), D.E. Aspnes (a4) and B. Monemar (a1)...


We have developed a method to modulate the strain state (normally > 4 kbar, tensile) of moderately thick (∼2 μm) GaN based structures grown on 6H-SiC to a range 0 to -2 kbar of compressive stresses by introducing a strain-mediating layer (SML) above the standard high-temperature AlN buffer layer. The strain characteristics of subsequently deposited nitride layers can be modulated by changing the growth parameters of the SML layer. This is achieved by in-situ techiniques during crystal growth without degrading the optical and structural properties of the deposited layers.



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