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Relative Reactivity Trends OP High Temperature Superconductor Phases

  • David R. Riley (a1), Ji-Ping Zhou (a1), A. Manthiram (a2) and John T. McDevitt (a1)


Many of the high temperature superconductor phases degrade rapidly when in the presence of water, acids, carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide. In order to foster more rapid developments in the area of high-Tc research, it will be necessary to acquire a more complete understanding of the surface chemistry of these superconducting materials. In this paper, the relative reactivity of the common cuprate phases toward water is reported. X-ray powder diffraction and scanning electron microscopy measurements are utilized here to establish the reactivity trends.



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Relative Reactivity Trends OP High Temperature Superconductor Phases

  • David R. Riley (a1), Ji-Ping Zhou (a1), A. Manthiram (a2) and John T. McDevitt (a1)


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