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“Relative Rates Method” for Evaluating the Effect of Potential Geological Environmental Change due to Uplift/Erosion to Radionuclide Migration of High-level Radioactive Waste

  • Takeshi Ebashi (a1), Makoto Kawamura (a1), Manabu Inagaki (a1), Shigeru Koo (a2), Masahiro Shibata (a1), Toru Itazu (a1), Kunihiko Nakajima (a2), Kaname Miyahara (a1) and Michael J Apted (a3)...


We have developed a “Relative Rates Method” to make bounding calculations regarding radionuclide migration due to uplift/erosion (“exhumation”) of a HLW repository. Results show that this method can apply to a wide range of different uplift rates and erosion rates. In addition, for the long time period, it was shown that the relative difference of uplift rate / erosion rate and potential hydraulic change arising from extreme uplift/erosion could affect radionuclide release and migration, thus uplift/erosion concerns should be fed back to site selection. Our method provides a credible and defensible basis for analysis and interpretation of possible uplift/erosion impacts for future volunteer sites.



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