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Relationship Between Structure and Luminescent Properties of Epitaxial Grown Y2O3:Eu Thin Films on LaAlO3 Substrates

  • H-J. Gao (a1), G. Duscher (a1), X.D. Fan (a1), S.J. Pennycook (a1), D. Kumar (a2), K.G. Cho (a2), P.H. Holloway (a2) and R.K. Singh (a2)...


Cathodoluminescence images of individual pores have been obtained at nanometer resolution in europium-activated yttrium oxide (Y2O3:Eu) (001) thin films, epitaxially grown on LaA1O3 (001) substrates. Comparison with Z-contrast images, obtained simultaneously, directly show the “dead layer” to be about 5 nm thick. This “dead layer” is the origin of the reduced emission efficiency with increasing pore size. Pore sizes were varied by using different substrate temperatures and laser pulse repetition rates during film growth. These films are epitaxially aligned with the substrate, which is always Al terminated.



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