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The Relationship Between Microstructure and Contact Resistance in NiAuGe/ZrB2/Au Ohmic Contacts to GaAs.

  • M. P. Grimshaw (a1) (a2), A. E. Staton-Bevan (a1), J. Herniman (a3) and D. A. Allan (a3)


The microstructure and contact resistance of NiAuGe contacts to n-type GaAs were determined as a function of initial contact composition. The contact microstructures were found to contain varying amounts of of α, α’ and β (or Au7Ga2) Au-Ga, epitaxial Ge, NiGe and NiGeAs phases. A previously unidentified NiAsx (Zr,B) phase was also observed. The contact resistance was found to vary between 0.22-0.38±0.03Ωmm. Comparison of the microstructural and contact resistance data revealed that the ohmic formation models based on (i) the formation of a recrystallised n+ GaAs layer and (ii) the presence of a graded Ge/GaAs heterojunction were not applicable to this contact system.



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The Relationship Between Microstructure and Contact Resistance in NiAuGe/ZrB2/Au Ohmic Contacts to GaAs.

  • M. P. Grimshaw (a1) (a2), A. E. Staton-Bevan (a1), J. Herniman (a3) and D. A. Allan (a3)


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