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Relationship between critical current properties and nanorod morphology in REBa2Cu3O y thin films

  • M. Haruta (a1), N. Fujita (a1), Y. Ogura (a1), T. Nakata (a1), T. Maeda (a1), A. Ichinose (a2), P. Mele (a3), K. Matsumoto (a4) and S. Horii (a1)...


Changes in critical current properties depending on growth temperature (T s) were clarified for Ba-Nb-O-doped YBa2Cu3O y (Y123) films deposited by YAG- and excimer-PLD. Due to the introduction of Ba-Nb-O-nanorods, a vortex-Bose-glass-like behavior emerged as irreversibility lines and in-field critical current densities (J cs) were improved. Crossover magnetic fields (B cr) and in-field J cs increased with the increase in T s for the Y123 films with nanorods. These T s-dependent critical current properties were attributable to the changes in morphology of the nanorods with T s and were independent of laser source in PLD apparatuses. For the fabrication of RE123 coated conductors containing nanorods, optimization of T s with taking both materials of RE123 matrix and nanorod into account is necessary to achieve higher in-field J c.



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Relationship between critical current properties and nanorod morphology in REBa2Cu3O y thin films

  • M. Haruta (a1), N. Fujita (a1), Y. Ogura (a1), T. Nakata (a1), T. Maeda (a1), A. Ichinose (a2), P. Mele (a3), K. Matsumoto (a4) and S. Horii (a1)...


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