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Refinement of d-AlNico Quasicrystal Structures

  • Hiroyuki Takakura (a1) (a2), Akiji Yamamoto (a3) and An Pang Tsai (a1)


The models of decagonal Al72Ni20Co8 quasicrystal with the space group of P105/mmc were refined on the basis of single crystal x-ray diffraction data set using the 5D description. The results of a structure model derived from Al13Fe4-type approximant crystal and Burkov model are compared. The former gives ω R=0.045 and R=0.063 for 449 reflections with 103 parameters and a resonable chemical composition of Al71.2TM28.8 (TM=transition metals). The projected structure in consistent with high resolution images of this material. On the other hand, the latter gives ωR=0.161 and R=0.193 for 55 parameters and a compositon of Al64.6TM35.1.



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Refinement of d-AlNico Quasicrystal Structures

  • Hiroyuki Takakura (a1) (a2), Akiji Yamamoto (a3) and An Pang Tsai (a1)


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