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Reduction of Lateral Dimension on InGaAs/GaAs Multilayers on Non-(111) V-Grooved GaAs(100) Substrate by Chemical Beam Epitaxy

  • Sung-Bock Kim (a1), Jeong-Rae Ro (a1), Seong-Ju Park (a2) and El-Hang Lee (a1)


We have found that the lateral dimension of InGaAs and GaAs multiple layers can be effectively controlled on non-( 111) V-grooved GaAs substrates by chemical beam epitaxy using triethylgallium and trimethylindium coupled with precracked arsine or unprecracked monoethylarsine. We suggest that this effect is due to the efficient migration of adatoms from (111) to non-(111) planes. This is an improved method which overcomes the difficulty that has been associated with the method of using only (111) V-grooves in which the lateral dimension is controlled by the differences in the growth rates between (111) and (100) planes. In case of InGaAs and GaAs epilayers, the anisotropy factors of growth rate were less than 0.1 at optimum growth temperature. Photoluminescence peak originated from InGaAs/GaAs quantum wire was significantly distinct from other peaks, suggesting an effective reduction of InGaAs lateral dimension.



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