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Redox Reactions of Bio Molecule for Nano-bio Battery

  • Kwang Min Shin (a1), Sang Jun Park (a2), Seong Gil Yoon (a3), Chang Kee Lee (a4), Su Ryon Shin (a5), Min Kyoon Shin (a6), Bon Kang Gu (a7), Min Sup Kim (a8) and Seon Jeong Kim (a9)...


Metal oxide nanoparticles within the protein ferritin can act as an energy storage source in nano-bio batteries containing ferrous ferritin and a reconstituted ferritin cage containing different inorganic elements, such as Co, Mn, Ni, and Pt. These components were introduced as two ferritin half-cells with different redox potentials existing between the ferrous ferritin and the reconstituted ferritin. The reduction of ferritin was analyzed in a solution containing 3-[N-morpholino] propanesulfonic acid buffer and oxidized methyl viologen using cyclic voltammetry. The reduction and oxidation peaks of the methyl viologen occurred at potentials of −300 and −100 mV, respectively, and the reduction and the oxidation peaks of the released Fe occurred at potentials of −300 and −100 mV, respectively. The reduction of ferritin was influenced by the pH of the ferritin solution.



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