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Recovery Kinetics of Phosphorus Ion-Implanted a-Si:H

  • J. Nakata (a1), S. Wagner (a2), H. Gleskova (a2), P. A. Stolk (a3) and J. M. Poate (a4)...


Hydrogenated amorphous silicon was implanted with phosphorus ions to a uniform concentration of 3×1020 cm-3 and defect saturation. The implants were annealed isochronally up to 400°C in the dark or under additional illumination. This illumination had no effect on recovery. The Urbach energy remains higher than that of silicon-implants. The midgap defect density anneals to ˜ 1018 cm-3, typical of gas-phase doped samples. The dark conductvity remains lower and its thermal activation energy higher than in gas-phase doped samples. We surmise that the Si-Si network absorbs some of the donor electron-induced defect density by forming strained Si-Si bonds. These strained bonds widen the band tails, and thus reduce the effective electron mobility and pin the Fermi level.



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Recovery Kinetics of Phosphorus Ion-Implanted a-Si:H

  • J. Nakata (a1), S. Wagner (a2), H. Gleskova (a2), P. A. Stolk (a3) and J. M. Poate (a4)...


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