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Recombination Processes of the Broadband And 1.681 Ev Optical Centers in Diamond Films

  • L. Bergman (a1), M. T. Mcclure (a1), J. T. Glass (a1) and R. J. Nemanich (a1)


Micro- and Macro-photoluminescence techniques were employed in this research to investigate the role of nitrogen-doping on the optical spectra of chemical vapor deposited diamond films and to determine whether the origin of the broadband luminescence is due to vibronic interaction of the nitrogen centers. The temperature behavior of the broadband PL and of the 1.681 eV silicon related optical center were analyzed. The intensity of the broadband was found to exhibit a temperature dependence characteristic of optical emission from a continuous distribution of gap states while the temperature dependence of the 1.681 eV band followed the Boltzmann quenching process.



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