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Recombination at Oxidation Induced Stacking Faults in Silicon

  • J. A. Davidson (a1), J. H. Evans (a1), M. Vandini (a2) and A. R. Peaker (a1)


We have characterised the recombination at Oxidation Induced Stacking Faults (OISF) by employing a combination of DLTS and Minority Carrier Transient Spectroscopy (MCTS). The recombination rate at traps associated with the OISF has been compared with recombination at a conventional point defect also present in the silicon. We find that the effect of small amounts of decoration by copper is to increase hole capture rates at electron filled traps. Infra Red Beam Induced Current measurements are consistent with this in that they also indicate that decoration causes enhanced recombination at the extended defects.



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