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Recent Progress of Low Temperature Poly Si Tft Technology

  • Kiyoshi Yoneda (a1)


Since being introduced to the production line in 1996, replacing the first generation a-Si TFT line, low-temperature poly-Si production technology aimed at manufacturing small and medium size LCD products has improved steadily corresponding to customers' requirements for rapid growth of the DVC and DSC markets. In the future, this production technology must progress to actual industry technology levels in order to cope with production applied not only to large size displays, which have a major market share in the present display market, but also to a large glass substrate, which effectively cuts the cost of products, although improvement of production yield and productivity in terms of pursuing cost reduction must be proceeded.

This paper has described existing problems of inherent low-temperature poly-Si TFT processes and their relating additional processes in present production methods. We have also discussed updating production technologies. To cope with production for a large size display, it is necessary to establish fabrication technology of higher performance TFTs with electron mobility larger than 200cm2/V·s. We believe that one key technology is to fabricate a large-scale and highly-uniform recrystallized poly-Si film with smooth surface morphology as well as precisely-controlled grain size in production. To cope with production using a large glass substrate, it is essential to develop ELA equipment with laser power greater than 200W.



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