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Recent Progress in SiC Microwave MESFETs

  • S. T. Allen (a1), S. T. Sheppard (a1), W. L. Pribble (a1), R. A. Sadler (a1), T. S. Alcorn (a1), Z. Ring (a1) and J. W. Palmour (a1)...


SiC MESFET's have shown an RF power density of 4.6 W/mm at 3.5 GHz and a power added efficiency of 60% with 3 W/mm at 800 MHz, demonstrating that SiC devices are capable of very high power densities and high efficiencies. Single devices with 48 mm of gate periphery were mounted in a hybrid circuit and achieved a maximum RF power of 80 watts CW at 3.1 GHz with 38% PAE.



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