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Realization of silicon nanopillar arrays with controllable sidewall profiles by holography lithography and a novel single-step deep reactive ion etching

  • Yung-Jr Hung (a1), San-Liang Lee (a2), Brian J. Thibeault (a3) and Larry A. Coldren (a4)


A simple and efficient approach for fabricating silicon nanopillar arrays with a high aspect ratio and controllable sidewall profiles has been developed by using holographic lithography and a novel single-step deep reactive ion etching. During the etching process, scalloping of the sidewalls can be avoided while reserving the high mask selectivity and high etching rate. Besides, the sidewall angle of resultant patterns can be adjusted by tuning the composition of the gas mixture of single-step DRIE process. We further fabricate a tapered silicon nanopillar array and observe its photonic bandgap property. We believe that the good optical performance of this tapered silicon nanopillar array realized by the proposed approach shows the promising of this process for various applications.



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