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Reactive Template-Induced Self-Assembly to Ordered Mesoporous Polymer and Carbon

  • Yeru Liang (a1), Ruowen Fu (a1) and Dingcai Wu (a1)


As an important method for preparing ordered mesoporous polymer and carbon, organic template directed self-assembly is facing challenges because of the weak non-covalent interactions between the organic templates and the building blocks. Herein we developed a novel synthetic procedure based on a reactive template-induced self-assembly to construct ordered mesoporous framework. The aldehyde end-group of reactive template can react with the building blocks (i.e., resol) to form a stable covalent bond during the self-assembly process. This leads to an enhanced interaction between resol and template and thus achieves the formation of ordered mesostructure.


Corresponding author


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Reactive Template-Induced Self-Assembly to Ordered Mesoporous Polymer and Carbon

  • Yeru Liang (a1), Ruowen Fu (a1) and Dingcai Wu (a1)


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