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Reactive Synthesis of NbAl3 Matrix Composites

  • L. Lu (a1), Y. S. Kim (a1), A. B. Gokhale (a1) and R. Abbaschian (a1)


NbA13 matrix composites were synthesized “in-situ” via reactive hot compaction (RHC) of elemental powders. It was found that the simultaneous application of pressure during synthesis was effective in attaining a near-theoretical density matrix at relatively low temperatures and pressures. Using this technique, two types of composites were produced: (1) matrices containing a uniform dispersion of second phase particles (either Nb3Al or Nb2Al with an Nb core or Nb2Al) and (2) matrices reinforced with coated or uncoated ductile Nb filaments. It was found that a limited amount of toughening is obtained using the first approach, while composites containing coated Nb filaments exhibited a significant increase in the ambient temperature fracture toughness. In this paper, various aspects of RHC processing of NbAI3 matrix composites, the effect of initial stoichiometry and powder size on the microstructure, as well as the mechanical behavior of the composites will be discussed.



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Reactive Synthesis of NbAl3 Matrix Composites

  • L. Lu (a1), Y. S. Kim (a1), A. B. Gokhale (a1) and R. Abbaschian (a1)


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