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Reactive Ion Etching of WSi0.6 Gates for GaAs MESFETS

  • C. L. Lin (a1) and Peter D. Hoh (a1)


A process for reactive ion etching of 1μm and sub-micron WSi0.6 gates for GaAs MESFET integrated circuits has been developed.Using a CF4/O2 plasma, a 200am film of WSi0.6 could be etched in ≃ 5 minutes.This is sufficiently long for accurate process monitoring.A vertical edge profile has been obtained which is desirable for a self-aligned MESFET process.To achieve the vertical edge, careful control of the degree of over etch was necessary.This was accomplished by monitoring the intensity profile of a laser beam reflected from the wafer being etched.The widths of lines etched in WSi0.6 closely matched those of the resist pattern.Both 1μm and sub-micron FET's were fabricated.with excellent linewidth control and electrical characteristics



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