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Reactive Co-Evaporation of YBCO for 2G HTS Tapes

  • Jonathan Storer (a1), Jens Hänisch (a1), Chris Sheehan (a1) and Vladimir Matias (a1)


We present a new reel-to-reel method for growth of high temperature super-conducting (HTS) films by reactive co-evaporation on flexible metal tapes. We have demonstrated proof of principle for this method with a small laboratory-scale setup using 8 cm long tape pieces. YBa2Cu3O7-δ is deposited on ion-beam assisted deposition textured MgO layers on top of flexible polycrystalline metal tapes. Critical current densities at 75.5 K of over 2 MA/cm2 have been achieved in HTS films with over 2 μm in thickness, yielding a self field critical current of 450 A/cm-width. A 4.5 μm thick film had a self field critical current of 590 A/cm. We discuss some practical possibilities for manufacturing of superconducting wire using this process and present new areas of research that are still needed.



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