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Rapid-Solidified Metallic Actuator Materials Developed by Electromagnetic Nozzleless Melt Spinning Method

  • Y. Furuya (a1)


Electro-magnetic nozzleless melt-spinning method was developed by combining the control of the flow down of the molten metals after electromagnetic float-melting(i.e. levitation) with rapid solidification by rotating roll. The metallurgical grain microstructures can be changed by rotating roll speed. It was confinned that the produced, intermetallic TiNi and NiAl system alloy thin plates showed the strong crystal anisotropy, higher shape memory functional properties than those of the conventionally processed melt-worked samples having its same origin. As new SMAs by using this method, ferromagnetic shape memory, FePd alloy having very large magnetostriction and super high temperature shape memory, RuTa alloy having the transformation over 1000°C were developed. Moreover, our recent study on the advanced rapid-solidification machine to produce many kinds of short fibers as well as ribbons is introduced. Finally, harmonic material design for sensor/actuator stacking composite system, namely “Smart Board” for aircraft structures will be introduced.



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Rapid-Solidified Metallic Actuator Materials Developed by Electromagnetic Nozzleless Melt Spinning Method

  • Y. Furuya (a1)


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