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Rapidly Solidified Long Range Ordered Alloys *

  • E. H. Lee (a1), C. C. Koch (a1) and C. T. Liu (a1)


The influence of rapid solidification processing on the microstructure of long-range-ordered alloys in the (Fe,Co,Ni)3 V system has been studied by transmission electron microscopy. The main microstructural feature of the asquenched alloys was a fine cell structure (∼300 nm diameter) decorated with carbide particles. This structure was maintained after annealing treatments which develop the ordered crystal structure. Other features of the microstructures both before and after annealing are presented and discussed.



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Research sponsored by the Division of Materials Sciences, U.S. Department of Energy under contract W-7405-eng-26 with the Union Carbide Corporation.



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Rapidly Solidified Long Range Ordered Alloys *

  • E. H. Lee (a1), C. C. Koch (a1) and C. T. Liu (a1)


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