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Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) of Shallow Silicon Junctions

  • T.E. Seidel (a1)


Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) is used to study shallow junction formation for high dose implanted silicon. The residual damage from As damage is efficiently removed using high temperature-short time anneals (1100°C - few seconds), while limited arsenic atom diffusion is obtained. The diffusion properties are also characterized by concentration enhanced diffusion at higher doping. The higher doping is metastable, with reversible changes in resistivity observed for sequential 1100°C-800°C-1100°C-800°C thermal cycles. RTP gives shallower defect free As junctions than standard long time anneals. Boron junctions are limited by the depth extension of a large ion-channeling-tail which is shown to undergo local enhanced diffusion. The approaches to form shallow p+ junctions without channel tails are discussed. A summary of ion damage studies is made. Some generalizations for determining an RTP advantage or disadvantage are made, based on activation energy differences of effects.



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Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) of Shallow Silicon Junctions

  • T.E. Seidel (a1)


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