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Rapid Thermal Processing for High-Speed III-V Compound Devices

  • M. Kuzuhara (a1)


Recent activities in rapid thermal processing on III-V compound materials are reviewed with primary focus on its application to high-speed GaAs integrated circuits. Advantages of the rapid thermal processing are discussed, from the viewpoint of doping characteristics obtained both for n-type channel implants and for high dose n-type contact implants. Enhanced electrical activation is demonstrated by optimizing the encapsulating material employed for annealing high-dose Si implants. Not only these advantages, but also several problems, which should be solved before this technology can be fully utilized in industrial applications, are discussed. Special attention is devoted to improvement in the activation uniformity over a complete 2 inch diameter GaAs wafer.



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Rapid Thermal Processing for High-Speed III-V Compound Devices

  • M. Kuzuhara (a1)


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