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Rapic Thermal Annealing of W-TI Bilayers on Silicon

  • C. S. Wei (a1), J. Van der Spiegel (a1), M. Setton (a1), J. Santiago (a1), M. Tanielian (a1) and S. Blackstone (a1)...


W-Ti bilayers on Si have been processed by fast thermal annealing in air, in N2/H2 (5%), and vacuum (1 E-3 and 1 E-6 Torr). The results indicate that the W layer on top of Ti acts as an effective protection barrier against oxidation of Ti in all atmospheres except air. Titanium-rich silicides are formed after 500 °C, while TiSi2 is completed at about 600 °C. At 700 °C a bilayer of WSi2/TiSi2 is found. Silicon is found to be the diffusing specie during the formation of WSi2. Finally, a ternary silicide, Ti0.6W0.4Si2, starts to form after 780 °C. The final ternary silicide phase has'an Mlectrical resistivity of about 60 μΩ-cm.



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