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Raman Studies of Carrier Activation in Laser Annealed GaAs Capped with Silicon Nitride

  • A. Compaan (a1), S. C. Abbi (a1), H. D. Yao (a1), A. Bhat (a1) and F. Hashmi (a1)...


Carrier concentrations exceeding 1019/cm3 in GaAs implanted with Si (2 × 1014/cm2 @ 140 keV) have been obtained by pulsed laser annealing with either a dye laser (λ = 728 nm) or a XeCl excimer laser (λ = 308 nm). Carrier concentrations were measured by plasmon Raman scattering over a wide range of anneal energy densities. Compared with capless laser annealing, much higher carrier activations were achieved when the annealing laser pulse was incident through a Si3N4 cap.



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Raman Studies of Carrier Activation in Laser Annealed GaAs Capped with Silicon Nitride

  • A. Compaan (a1), S. C. Abbi (a1), H. D. Yao (a1), A. Bhat (a1) and F. Hashmi (a1)...


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