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Raman Scattering Studies of Si1−xGex Layers Grown by Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition

  • C. H. Perry (a1), Feng Lu (a1), F. Namavar (a2) and N. L. Rowell (a3)


Room temperature Raman spectra are reported of Si1−xGex layers on Si substrates (for 0.08≤x≤0.2). The samples were grown using atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition techniques. Layer thicknesses varied from 0.1 — 10μm. The relative frequency shift of the Si-Si phonon mode for the SiGe strained epilayers from an incommensurate pseudo-alloy of the same composition is used as a quantitative measure of the lattice strain. For thicknesses below a critical value the Raman data indicate that the films are highly strained and the growth is commensurate with the substrate whereas thicker films are partially or fully relaxed. Phonon lines are sensitive to the interfaces and alloy layers. The results are consistent with other characterization studies, such as TEM and X-ray rocking curve measurements, of the same samples.



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