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Raman Investigation of Fullerene [60] Under hydrostatic Pressure

  • Mostafa El-Ashry (a1), Maher Amer (a1) and John F. Maguire (a2)


We report the results of a study of adsorption of small molecules on the surface of buckminsterfullerene, C60. The pressure dependence of the Raman spectrum was investigated over the range 0–10 GPa in methanol-water mixtures that were used as the pressure transmitting fluid (PTF) in a diamond anvil cell. It is found that the spectral shift and its pressure derivative are sensitive to both the applied pressure and to the composition of the PTF. These observations are consistent with an explanation that involves preferential adsorption onto the surface of the C60. In particular, the notion of C60 collapse needs not be invoked to explain the observations.



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