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Radiation Defects in SiC - Electron Irradiation With Different Energies

  • D. Volm (a1), B. K. Meyer (a1), E. N. Mokhov (a1) and P. G. Baranov (a1)


Radiation defects in 6H SiC introduced by electron irradiation at energies of 400 keV and 1 MeV are studied by low-temperature photoluminescence and Zeeman spectroscopy. We observe a new two line spectrum at 2.547 and 2.528 eV which dominates in the spectrum of the sample irradiated at 400 keV. For 1 MeV irradiation numerous recombination lines are observable and also the well known D1 center lines appear. Annealing the sample at 1100 °C leads to the disappearance of almost all lines but the D1 lines are still present.



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