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Quantitative X-Ray Structure Determination of Superlattices and Interfaces

  • Ivan K. Schuller (a1), Eric E. Fullerton (a1), H. Vanderstraeten (a2) and Y. Bruynseraede (a2)


We present a general procedure for quantitative structural refinement of superlattice structures. To analyze a wide range of superlattices, we have derived a general kinematical diffraction formula that includes random, continuous and discrete fluctuations from the average structure. By implementing a non-linear fitting algorithm to fit the entire x-ray diffraction profile, refined parameters that describe the average superlattice structure, and deviations from this average are obtained. The structural refinement procedure is applied to a crystalline/crystalline Mo/Ni superlattices and crystalline/amorphous Pb/Ge superlattices. Roughness introduced artificially during growth in Mo/Ni superlattices is shown to be accurately reproduced by the refinement.



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