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Quadruple Hydrogen Bonded Nanocarbon Networks for High Performance Dispersant-Free Conducting Pastes

  • Joong Tark Han (a1), Jeong In Jang (a1), Sua Choi (a1), Seon Hee Seo (a1), Seung Yol Jeong (a1), Hee Jin Jeong (a1) and Geon-Woong Lee (a1)...


Colloidal dispersion of nanocarbon (NC) materials in dilute solutions or pastes is prerequisite for applications of NC-based electrodes from flexible electronics and flexible conducting fibers to electrochemical devices. Here, we show a straightforward method for fabricating NC suspensions with >10% weight concentrations in absence of organic dispersants. The method involves introducing supramolecular quadruple hydrogen bonding motifs into the NC materials without sacrificing the electrical conductivity.


Corresponding author


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