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Pump-Probe Charge Integrating Investigation of Trap Emission Kinetics in Ultrathin Mos Capacitors

  • J. C. Poler (a1) and E. A. Irene (a1)


As design rules shrink to conform with ULSI device dimensions, gate dielectrics for MOSFET structures are required to be scaled to even thinner proportions. Upon scaling the gate oxides below ∼60Å the interfacial region becomes a significant proportion of the total film. Thus interface properties are weighted more heavily in determining device performance and reliability.

We have developed a Pump-Probe charge integrating measurement technique for studying the emission kinetics of traps in the M/SiO2/Si system. Essentially, a MOS capacitor is pumped by exposure to a charging pulse. The emission of the charge at short time scales (<10ms), can be measured using a delayed application of a probe pulse which determines the remainder of the filled traps as a function of delay time. For a lightly doped p-Si (lll) substrate, we observe an uncommon behavior of the emission kinetics in the initial time regime (< 100ms). A possible explanation for this phenomenon is the perturbation of the emission cross-section of the probed traps due to the presence of another state in communication with the trap site.



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Pump-Probe Charge Integrating Investigation of Trap Emission Kinetics in Ultrathin Mos Capacitors

  • J. C. Poler (a1) and E. A. Irene (a1)


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