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Pulsed Ruby Laser Annealing of Zn, Mg, Se and Si Ion Implants in Semiconducting Gaas

  • Douglas H. Lowndes (a1), J. W. Cleland (a1), W. H. Christie (a1) and R. E. Eby (a1)


The properties of p+ and n+ layers formed by pulsed ruby laser annealing (PRLA) of shallow (Rp ~ 320–680 Å) implantations of Mg, Zn, Si and Se ions in both n- and p-type semiconducting GaAs have been evaluated using a combination of SIMS and electrical properties measurements. High activation (> 80%) was obtained for high dose (5 × 1015 ions/cm2 ) implants of both Mg and Zn, within a pulsed laser energy density “window” 0.5 ≤ Eλ ≤ 0.8 J/cm2 (FWHM pulse duration = 20–25 ns). SIMS measurements following PRLA show a wellbehaved increasing penetration of dopant ions into the GaAs substrate, with dopant ion concentrations well in excess of 1020 ions/cm3 in the near-surface region. Measured hole mobilities are consistent with the values anticipated for these high concentrations of ionized impurity scattering centers.



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