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Pulsed Plasma Polymerizations: Film Chemistry Control and Applications

  • Yuliang WU (a1), Licheng M. Han (a1), Brett E. Thomes (a1), Haibo Qiu (a1), Charles R. Savage (a1), Wei W. Lee (a2) and Richard B. Timmons (a1)...


Film chemistry control issues, as well as key properties of polymers synthesized under pulsed plasma conditions, are discussed. Distinctions between pulsed and continuous wave plasmas are examined, particularly as they relate to differences in the energy efficiency of film formation rates and to the range of available power inputs. Film stabilities, with special reference to polymers formed under very low power input conditions, are considered. Finally, selected applications involving use of the inherently high film chemistry controllability made available by the variable duty cycle pulsed plasma technique are described.



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