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P-Type Conversion of Nitrogen Doped ZnSe Films Grown By Mocvd

  • Babar A. Khan (a1), Nikhil Taskar (a1), Donald Dorman (a1) and Khalid Shahzad (a1)


We have obtained p-type zinc selenide films by nitrogen doping combined with a post growth anneal. These films were grown on <100> gallium arsenide substrates using a low-pressure MOCVD process. Ammonia gas was used as the source for nitrogen. The as-grown films were annealed and then studied by photoluminescence (PL) and capacitance-voltage (CV) techniques. The PL data is dominated by the acceptor-bound exciton peak and donor-acceptor pair spectrum associated with the nitrogen acceptor. The C-V data shows that the films are p-type, with the highest measured net acceptor concentration of 3×1016/cm 3.



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