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P-Type Conductivity with a High Hole Mobility in Cubic GaN/GaAs Epilayers

  • D. J. As (a1), A. Rüther (a1), M. Lübbers (a1), J. Mimkes (a1), K. Lischka (a1) and D. Schikora (a1)...


Temperature dependent Hall-Effect-measurements on unintentionally doped cubic GaN epilayers grown by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) are reported. The cubic GaN layers have been deposited on semiinsulating (001) GaAs-substrates under N-stabilized growth conditions which were controlled by in-situ reflection high energy electron diffraction (RHEED) measurements. GaN-layers, which were fabricated under N-stabilized conditions have a (2×2) surface reconstruction during growth and show p-type conductivity. At room temperature the measured hole concentrations and mobilities are p = 9.7* 1012 cm-3, μp ≅ 350 cm2/Vs, respectively. Temperature dependent measurements of the carrier concentration yield an acceptor activation energy of EA = 0.445 eV. The nature of these defects will be discussed in view of intrinsic defects proposed by theoretical calculations already published in literature. The temperature dependence of the mobility is dominated by polar optical phonon scattering in the investigated temperature range.



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P-Type Conductivity with a High Hole Mobility in Cubic GaN/GaAs Epilayers

  • D. J. As (a1), A. Rüther (a1), M. Lübbers (a1), J. Mimkes (a1), K. Lischka (a1) and D. Schikora (a1)...


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