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PtRu Nanoparticle Catalytic Activity Enhanced by the Ligand Effect

  • Shuji Goto (a1), Yuli Li (a1), Naomi Nagasawa (a1), Tadashi Senoo (a1), Kazuhiro Noda (a1), Yoshihiro Kudo (a2), Akihiro Maesaka (a2) and Tsuyonobu Hatazawa (a3)...


We synthesized a methanol electrocatalyst with high activity and low noble metal content. The electrocatalyst consists of carbon&supported PtRu nanoparticles, which have 1-2 Pt monoatomic layers on Ru nanocores. In spite of the pure Pt surface, the catalyst showed high catalytic activity when used in the anode of a direct methanol fuel cell. Clearly the underlying Ru atoms modified the property of the surface Pt atoms, bringing about the high catalytic activity.



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