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Proton Intercalation in γ-MnO2 from Ramsdellite to Groutite Through Groutellite

  • Yves Chabre (a1) and Jean Pannetier (a2)


This paper presents an investigation of electrochemical proton intercalation in two chemically prepared MDs containing low amounts of structural defects and in a natural MD containing 89%of highly crystalline ramsdellite. XRD examination of equilibrated partly reduced synthetic samples confirms the formation of groutite as a final reduction product and, before mid-reduction, suggests the formation of a solid solution between ramsdellite and groutellite H0.5MnO2. In contrast, electrochemical spectroscopy hint at a two-phase process with an equilibrium potential at –60 m V vs Hg/HgO. The implication of the structural defects on these observations are discussed.



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Proton Intercalation in γ-MnO2 from Ramsdellite to Groutite Through Groutellite

  • Yves Chabre (a1) and Jean Pannetier (a2)


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