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Proton Conducting Solid Electrolytes for High Temperature Humidity Sensing

  • Martha Greenblatt (a1) and Shouhua Feng (a1)


The properties of various proton conducting solid electrolytes were investigated by electrochemical galvanic cell and ac impedance type measurements for applications as high temperature (T>200°C) humidity sensors. The basic characteristics of proton conductors required for humidity sensing are reviewed. Results of ionic conductivity and EMF measurements and their implications for the mechanism of ion transport are discussed for two prototype ceramic humidity sensors: β-Ca(PO3)2 and a NASICON-type ceramic composite, HZr2P3O12/ZrP2O7.


Corresponding author

*To whom correspondence should be addressed.


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Current address: Department of Chemistry, Jilin University, Changchun, China



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Proton Conducting Solid Electrolytes for High Temperature Humidity Sensing

  • Martha Greenblatt (a1) and Shouhua Feng (a1)


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