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Proton Beam Induced Modifications in Multi-Functional Polyethylene-Based Carbon Nanotubes Composites

  • Merlyn. X. Pulikkathara (a1), Laura Pena-Paras (a1), Daneesh McIntosh (a1), Mircea Chipara (a2), Richard Wilkins (a3), Enrique V. Barrera (a1), David Dye (a4) and Jeffrey M. Zaleski (a4)...


The space applications of composites obtained by dispersing carbon nanotubes within high-density polyethylene are analyzed. Electron spin resonance investigations on proton-irradiated composites are reported. The effect of ionizing radiation of the parameters of electron spin resonance spectra is studied. A radiation-induced increase of the concentration of uncoupled electronic spins delocalized over the conducting domains of carbon nanotubes is reported. It is concluded that radiation-induced modifications in such composites are weak.



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