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Properties Of Zinc Selenide Grown By Chemical Vapor Transport And Its Application To Room-Temperature Radiation Detection

  • B. A. Brunett (a1), J. E. Toney (a2), H. Yoon (a3), P. Rudolph (a4), M. Schieber (a5), T. E. Schlesinger (a1), M. S. Goorsky (a3) and R. B. James (a5)...


We have characterized ZnSe material grown by chemical vapor transport in iodine using triple-axis X-ray diffraction (TAD), photo-induced current transient spectroscopy (PICTS), photoluminescence (PL), current-voltage measurements and gamma-ray spectroscopy. The material was found to have inadequate carrier transport for nuclear spectrometer use, but there was a discernible difference in performance between crystals which could be correlated with crystallinity as determined by the TAD rocking curves.



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1. Böttcher, K., Hartmann, H., J. Crystal Growth 146, p.53 (1995).
2. Goorsky, M.S., Yoon, H., Schieber, M., James, R.B., McGregor, D.S. and Natarajan, M., Nucl. Instr. Meth. A 380, p. 6 (1996).
3. Toney, J.E., Brunett, B.A., Schlesinger, T.E. and James, R.B., this proceedings.


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