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Properties of Reactively Sputter Deposited SrTiO3 Films for IR Detector Readout Electronics

  • S.D. Bernstein (a1), T.Y. Wong (a1), J.K. Rawson (a1) and R.W. Tustison (a1)


The effects of film thickness, oxygen partial pressure, electrode type, substrate temperature, and position on the room temperature and 77 K dielectric properties of SrTiO3 (ST) films were studied. The film composition and properties vary with radial position and oxygen partial pressure. A maximum in dielectric constant occurs near the same position where stoichiometric films are obtained. The room temperature and 77K dielectric constants increase with increasing thickness, while the capacitance density decreases. Capacitance densities as high as 4 fF/μm2 were observed for films deposited at low temperature and subsequently crystallized. Elevated temperature deposition, however, results in better properties than room temperature deposition followed by annealing. Dielectric constants as high as 200 with capacitance densities up to 9 fF/μ2 were observed. For optimized deposition conditions, no dielectric break-down of the capacitors was observed at 20V after 111 days of testing. The properties of capacitors with n+Si bottom electrodes were not as good as those with Ti/Pt electrodes, however, integration with Si integrated circuit processing is expected to be much simpler.



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Properties of Reactively Sputter Deposited SrTiO3 Films for IR Detector Readout Electronics

  • S.D. Bernstein (a1), T.Y. Wong (a1), J.K. Rawson (a1) and R.W. Tustison (a1)


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