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Properties of Porous Silicon with Photoluminescence Enhanced by a Remote-Plasma Treatment

  • Y. Xiao (a1) (a2), M. J. Heben (a1), J. I. Pankove (a1) (a2) and Y. S. Tsuo (a1)


We have developed remote-plasma and argon-ion laser-illumination treatments that enhance and stabilize the photoluminescent emission from porous Si (PS) that was electrochemically etched and thermally annealed. Infrared absorption spectroscopy revealed that the bonded oxygen content in the film was increased and the density of surface silicon dihydride bonds was reduced by these processing steps. The photoluminescence (PL) intensity of the treated films was initially about 15 times higher than that of the as—etched films, and increased further with the time of laser irradiation in air until a steady—state intensity was reached. The emission from the treated samples increases with decreasing temperature to a maximum intensity at about 100 K. Below 100 K, the photoluminescence intensity of the treated PS samples remains constant with decreasing temperature down to 7.7 K, whereas the as—etched samples, as well as siloxene, show a rapid decrease in photoluminescence intensity with decreasing temperature in this temperature range. Electron spin resonance data show that dangling bond densities in annealed PS films are reduced by the remote-plasma treatment.



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Properties of Porous Silicon with Photoluminescence Enhanced by a Remote-Plasma Treatment

  • Y. Xiao (a1) (a2), M. J. Heben (a1), J. I. Pankove (a1) (a2) and Y. S. Tsuo (a1)


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