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Properties of MOCVD-Grown GaN:Gd Films for Spintronic Devices

  • Andrew G. Melton (a1), ZhiQiang Liu (a2), Bahadir Kucukgok (a1), Na Lu (a3) and Ian Ferguson (a1)...


The mechanism leading to RT ferromagnetism in Gd-doped GaN is not agreed upon, despite many experimental and theoretical reports. Oxygen impurities have been proposed as a possible contributor to ferromagnetic behavior in GaN:Gd films. In this report, GaN:Gd thin films grown by MOCVD using two different metalorganic Gd precursors are examined. The two precursors are (TMHD)3Gd, which contains oxygen, and Cp3Gd, which does not. The films have been characterized by XRD, VSM, and EDS. EDS measurements indicate that the TMHD3Gd samples contain oxygen, while the Cp3Gd samples do not, and VSM scans show that the TMHD3Gd samples exhibit much higher magnetic moments than the Cp3Gd samples, supporting the theory that oxygen enhances the ferromagnetic behavior of GaN:Gd.



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