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Properties of Mg2NiH4 at 450-570 K

  • S. E. Guthrie (a1), G. J. Thomas (a1), D. Noreus (a2) and E. Ronnebro (a2)


It has been established that Mg2NiH4 undergoes a phase change around 500°K in which the orientation of the NiH4 complex is quenched in a monoclinic distortion of the cubic high temperature phase. This results in the formation of domains in which the lattice distortion is accommodated by microtwinning. These effects can be absent when the hydride phase is formed below the transition temperature. Microscopic analysis verifies a similar basal cubic structure in the low temperature phase; however, the domains and microtwins are absent in this material and it can readily be destabilized by thermal stresses induced by the electron beam. It is of interest to measure and compare the effect of the lattice differences on the thermodynamic properties of the low temperature versus the high temperature hydride phases. We report the equilibrium PCT data and hydrogen desorption kinetics of the two hydrides in the temperature range of 450–570 K.



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Properties of Mg2NiH4 at 450-570 K

  • S. E. Guthrie (a1), G. J. Thomas (a1), D. Noreus (a2) and E. Ronnebro (a2)


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