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Properties of 2D and 3D Dielectric Structures Fabricated by Electrochemical Dissolution of III-V Compounds

  • I.M. Tiginyanu (a1), S. Langa (a1), M. Christophersen (a2), J. Carstensen (a2), V. Sergentu (a1), E. Foca (a1), O. Rios (a2) and H. Föll (a2)...


Porous layers and membranes representing 2D and 3D dielectric structures were fabricated on different III-V compounds (GaAs, InP, GaP) by electrochemical etching techniques. Nonlithographically fabricated ordered nanopore arrays in InP are reported for the first time. We show that the reflectance from nanostructured InP is lower than that from bulk InP in the spectral interval 1.5-2.2 eV. The artificial anisotropy induced by nanotexturization was studied in porous GaP membranes and the refractive indices for ordinary and extraordinary beams were evaluated.



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