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Profiling the Deep Trap Level in the Semiconductor Heterostructures by Small-Pulse Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy

  • Zhang Rong (a1), Yang Kai (a1), Qing Guoyi (a1), Shi Yi (a1), Gu Shulin (a1), Huang Hongbin (a1), Hu Liqun (a1), Zheng Youdou (a1) and Feng Duan (a1)...


In this paper we report for the first time theoretical and experimental study on smallpulse DLTS measurements of deep levels in semiconductor heterostructures. A theoretical model has been developed on the basis of the Schodinger and Poisson's electrostatic equation. Distribution of charge density in the superlattice has been considered, especially transferred charges in the “narrow gap” sublayers. The calculated results indicate that tinder the 1017/cm3 doping condition, a 30mV small pulse corresponds to a 2nm “sampling space window”, it is enough to detect special signal of deep levels in each sublayer in the semiconductor heterostructures. A SiGe/Si sample has been measured by the small-pulse DLTS. The experimental results agree well with the theoretical prediction and show that the small-pulse DLTS is a good method to study deep levels in the semiconductor heterostructures.



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