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Profiling of the SiO2 - SiC Interface Using X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

  • R. N. Ghosh (a1), S. Ezhilvalavan (a1), B. Golding (a1), S. M. Mukhopadhyay (a2), N. Mahadev (a2), P. Joshi (a2), M. K. Das (a3) and J. A. Cooper Jr (a4)...


The implementation of SiC based sensors and electronics for operation in chemically harsh, high temperature environments depends on understanding the SiO2/SiC interface in field effect devices. We have developed a technique to fabricate wedge polished samples (angle ∼ 1×10−4 rad) that provides access to the SiO2/SiC interface via a surface sensitive probe such as xray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). Lateral scanning along the wedge is equivalent to depth profiling. Spatially resolved XPS images of the O 1s and Si 2p core levels were obtained of the interfacial region. Samples consist of device-quality thermally grown oxides on 4H-SiC single crystal substrates. The C 1s spectrum suggests the presence of a graphitic layer on the nominally bare SiC surface following thermal oxidation.



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