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μτ Products of 10−6 cm2V−1 Deduced from Eleverse-Bias Dependence of Carrier-Collection Measurements in High Drift Mobility a-Si:H

  • Gautam Ganguly (a1) and Akihisa Matsuda (a1)


The room temperature hole drift mobility measured by the ‘time-of-flight’ technique can be increased to 0.5 cm2/Vs with a valence band tail width of 25meV by optimizing the ion impingement energy during film growth using a triode configured PECVD reactor. The reverse bias dependence of the carrier collection in Au Schottky diodes formed on these specimens show significantly improved carrier collection which can be approximately quantified using the C-V measured voltage dependent depletion widths to yield μτ≈10−6cm2V−1.



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