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Processing - Property Relations in YBa2Cu3O6+x Superconductor

  • S. A. Safari (a1), J. B. Wachtman (a1), V. Parkhe (a1), R. Caracciolo (a1), D. Jeter (a1), A. S. Rao (a1), H. G. K. Sundar (a1), N. Jisrawi (a2) and W. L. McLean (a2)...


Processing of YBa2Cu3O6+x superconducting samples by employing different precursor powder preparation techniques such as ball milling, attrition milling and also narrow particle size distribution powder preparation through coprecipitation by spraying will be discussed. CuO coated with oxalates shows the lowest resistance above T up to room temperature. The extent of corrosion by water has been studied by employing magnetic susceptibility, XPS and X-ray diffraction. Superconducting samples are affected to a considerable extent when treated in water at 60° C and the severity of the attack increases with time.



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