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Processing and Device Performance of GaN Power Rectifiers

  • A.P. Zhang (a1), G.T. Dang (a1), X.A. Cao (a2), H. Cho (a2), F. Ren (a1), J. Han (a3), J.-I. Chyi (a4), C.-M. Lee (a4), T.-E. Nee (a4), C.-C. Chuoa (a4), G.-C. Chi (a5), S.N.G. Chu (a6), R.G. Wilson (a7) and S.J. Pearton (a2)...


Mesa and planar geometry GaN Schottky rectifiers were fabricated on 3-12µm thick epitaxial layers. In planar diodes utilizing resistive GaN, a reverse breakdown voltage of 3.1 kV was achieved in structures containing p-guard rings and employing extension of the Schottky contact edge over an oxide layer. In devices without edge termination, the reverse breakdown voltage was 2.3 kV. Mesa diodes fabricated on conducting GaN had breakdown voltages in the range 200-400 V, with on-state resistances as low as 6m Ωcm−2.



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